Let’s Begin With an Introduction…

Hello everyone!!!

First of all, I just wanted to welcome you all to my fashion blog. This is my first post and I am super excited to share all that is fashion with you, from new trends to the do’s and dont’s of the season. As you will see, Fashion is something I am wholeheartedly passionate about because without it, where would we be? Fashion is a form of expression, it is something that is fresh, exciting, and new. Fashion is tradition, it is experimentation, it’s the essence of being. Fashion is something that is manifested & truly beautiful.

Now lets begin with a formal introduction. My name is Ijaza, I am 20 years old, and I am currently working to recieve my undergrad degree in Psychology with a Concentration in Neuroscience. Even though my major is in the sciences, fashion is something I have always been passionate about. If you ask any of my friends and family, I am always talking about trends, keeping up with celebrities latest fashions, and reading fashion magazines to get the inside scoop on what the fashion industry has to offer. Henceforth, one day I dream to become a fashion designer, to work alongside some of the fashion greats. So until then, I thought I would get some practice =)

I really hope that you will enjoy my daily posts & be prepared to receive those daily doses of chic!!!


Ijaza & her fashion memoirs ❤


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